PVC Pipes Aren't Just for Plumbing

PVC pipes are incredibly versatile. You don’t have to look hard to find hundreds of creative ways to use them. We’ve compiled some of our favorite PVC hacks and project ideas here — just click the links for in-depth instructions on each one!

Tool Organizer

PVC pipe can be utilized in many ways to clear up your garage or shed space.

PVC Pipe Tool Organizer
For this garden tool organizer, check out Newly Woodwards.

DIY Drill Lock

Family Handyman has a great tutorial for this drill dock.

PVC Drill Dock


Organizer with Lid

To store small odds and ends, cut a pipe to get the right length and diameter, glue one end cap in place, and label the pipe with whatever you want to store in it. This tip is from Tom Richardson on Family Handyman.

PVC Pipe Storage Case

Tomato Cages

PVC pipes make great tomato cages and can be broken down for easier storage in the winter months.


Here's tutorials from Tom Matkey and Instructables.

Shovel Grip

Get a better grip on a straight-handled shovel or other tool by epoxying a 1-in. PVC tee to the end of the handle.


Move Heavy Objects

Move heavy objects. Use 3 PVC pipes to easily move heavy objects, from rocks to hot tubs to sheds. Family Handyman details how to do this, as well as other tips for moving heavy objects.


Instructions available at Family Handyman.

Fishing Rod Rack


Family Handyman and BD Outdoors have great tutorials for this project.

Soccer Goal

PVC pipes make a great soccer goal for at-home practice.


Find instructions at Six Sisters Stuff.

Long-reach Vacuum

Family Handyman gives the idea to use PVC pipe as a vacuum-hose extender to reach high or narrow spots. You can use rubber 'reducer' couplings, also found in the plumbing aisle, to connect your vacuum hose to different size pipe.



PVC pipes make great planters for succulents, herbs, flowers, or other plants. 


Check out these planters at Leigh Laurel Studios.


Copper PVC Wall Planter instructions available at Craft Bits.

Backyard Movie Screen

You can use PVC pipe to make a screen to project movies onto for a fun outdoor summer activity.

PVC Backyard Movie Screen
Find instructions by At Charlotte's House.

Decor DIY projects

A little innovation and some spray paint can totally transform PVC pipe into amazing design projects.

PVC Projects
DIY Vases from Modge Podge Rocks.


PVC Craft Project
DIY wreath instructions are available at A Beautiful Mess.


This a just a sampling of all the ways you can use PVC pipe. There's no limit to the things you can make, so get those creative juices flowing. Hope these project ideas serve as a starting point or good inspiration for your next DIY project!