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Do Dogs Make Us Better It's long been said that dogs are man's best friend. But are they more than just cute faces to fawn over and soft fur to pet? Science says they are–here's a few science-based benefits of owning a dog.

  • Dogs relieve stress. You might have guessed this one because of the existence of therapy dogs, but studies have proved that playing with petting a familiar dog counteracts the physical effects of stress. It can lower blood pressure and heart rate, slow breathing, and relax muscle tension.
  • Dogs are good for your heart health. Stress is a major cause of cardiovascular problems, so the stress-relieving bond between dogs and humans can lower people's risk for heart-related health issues.
  • Dogs make us more social. They can help us connect with neighbors out on walks or make new friends at the dog park. Studies have shown that young adults who grow up with a dog become more confident and empathetic.
  • Dogs keep you in shape. Dog owners are more likely to engage in regular moderate physical activity than non-dog owners. All those walks do more for your health than you realize!
  • Dogs help your immune system. Being around pet fur and dandruff can strengthen dog owners' immune systems, and children who are raised with a dog are less likely to develop allergies.
  • Dogs make us happy. Just looking into your dog's eyes has been shown to raise your oxytocin, or "love hormone," levels. Owning a dog can even alleviate symptoms of depression, especially for older adults.
  • Dogs can help keep people safe and healthy. With their heightened sense of hearing and smell, dogs can alert us to possible dangers we might not notice at first. This can include anything from dogs' barking deterring home intruders to service dogs detecting seizures, cancer, blood sugar highs/lows, and more.
  • A dog can make you more attractive. Seriously! In a UK study that surveyed 700 people, 60% said that owning a dog can make people seem more attractive, and 85% said people with dogs are more approachable. Who knew your dog could be such a good wingman?

Most dog owners don't need convincing of the merits of being around dogs, but if you still have any doubts, come visit Roscoe at our store! He'll be happy to see you, and he's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

PVC pipes are incredibly versatile. You don’t have to look hard to find hundreds of creative ways to use them. We’ve compiled some of our favorite PVC hacks and project ideas here — just click the links for in-depth instructions on each one!

Tool Organizer

PVC pipe can be utilized in many ways to clear up your garage or shed space.

PVC Pipe Tool Organizer
For this garden tool organizer, check out Newly Woodwards.

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When Fishing Isn't Just About the Fish

You don't have to be a pro fisherman to go fishing. In fact, the best things about fishing often aren't the fish at all! Fishing can have a positive impact on physical, mental, and emotional health. Here are some of the top benefits of fishing:

  • Physical activity. Depending on the type of fishing you do, fishing can be a good source of low-impact physical activity. Active fishing can burn around 200 calories per hour, but even just standing up while fishing is good for the body.
  • Bonding. Fishing provides an excellent opportunity for bonding with friends and family. It can especially be a great bonding tool between familial generations–grandparents or parents teaching their little one how to fish. Spending time with family contributes to feelings of security and well-being, and fishing is a great way to do that.
  • Boosts immune system. Sunlight is the primary way we get vitamin D, which plays an important role in bone formation, reduction of inflammation, and immune function. Spending the day fishing in the sun can help meet your body's vitamin D needs.
  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief. For many, fishing has proven to be a relaxing retreat from the fast pace of everyday life. Slow down, take a break from your responsibilities, absorb the beautiful nature scenery, and wait for the fish to bite.
  • Teaches patience and concentration. Some days the fish just don't bite. The sign of a good fisherman is having patience between bites and the perseverance to try again if you go home empty-handed. This is especially a good lesson for kids to learn, and fishing is a fun way to teach them.
  • Gets you out in nature. Fishing is a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. The fresh air, sunshine, and nature scenery can be a great mood booster. To enjoy it even more, use fishing as an opportunity to unplug from all your devices. Let the sights and sounds of nature refresh you.
  • Improves self-esteem. There's no better thrill than finally reeling in a fish after a good fight. Fishing provides an opportunity for you to set and reach goals, learn a new skill, and pass it on to others.
  • Protein source. Many recreational fishermen release most of what they catch, but if you decide to take some home, fish is a healthy protein source. It's low-fat, and several species are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and/or vitamin D. Just be sure to follow local laws and regulations about the harvest of fish!

If this post has convinced you to try a hand at fishing, come on down to our store. We have all your fishing needs–including fishing gear and live bait–and we'd love to answer any questions you have. Hope to see you soon, happy fishing!