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How to Keep Your House Cool

Summer is a great time of outdoor fun and lounging in the sun, but it's always nice to come back inside the house and feel that rush of cold air. Here's some cost-effective ways to keep your home cool in the heat of the summer season:

  • Dehumidify. High humidity makes it feel a lot hotter than it actually is. To feel cooler in humid climates, use a dehumidifier and wear loose cotton clothing (or other natural fabrics).
  • Reduce and reflect sunlight. Direct sunlight into your home can increase the temperature. To keep sun out, use blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels.
  • Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use. Lightbulbs, appliances, and electronics all produce heat. Turning off and unplugging these heat-producers can lead to a cooler interior.
  • Be smart about doors and windows. If a room is cooler than the outside temperature, close the doors and windows. If it's cooler outside and you turn off the AC, open windows at both ends of the house. This is called cross-ventilation, and it lets air move freely throughout the whole structure. A good time for this is at night–summer nights are often much cooler than daytime hours.
  • Watch when you cook inside and do laundry. The oven/stove and the dryer are both heat multipliers, so try not to use them during the hottest hours of the day. For example, you could cook outside, bake at night instead of in the afternoon, and hang your wet laundry on a clothesline to dry.
  • Replace AC with ice and a fan. Placing a bowl of ice in front a fan makes for an instant makeshift air conditioner (one that's a lot cheaper than the real thing!).
  • Point box fans outside. If you use a box fan, point it out the window. Doing this pushes hot air out, which is often more effective in cooling your home than creating an artificial breeze.

We love talking to all of our clients and learning about the different projects, fixes, and issues they are working on. We also love to embrace technology and all that it can offer to help with any of these DIY tasks. Here are a few of our favorite apps that could come in handy on your next home project.

iFixIt - This app is a DIYers dream. Gone are the days of lugging around owners and repair manuals. With iFixIt and their easy to navigate interface you can find the fix you are looking for in mere seconds and be well on your way to becoming king of your castle.

iHandy Carpenter - ($1.99) - This app uses your phones censors and turns your phone into some compact/handy tools. For example there is a level within the app to check for flat surface levels, a steel protractor, and an on-screen ruler.

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All of us have heard of WD-40 and most of us have used it in its perceived intended purpose of lubricating a squeaking or sticking hinge or mechanical part. But did you know that WD-40 can be used in dozens of helpful and practical ways? Join us as we dive into some of our favorite ways that us or our customers have used WD-40. (As a warning: WD-40 is highly flammable, is toxic if consumed, and can aggravate respiratory distress if not well ventilated).

Removing crayon from walls and wallpaper: This can come in super handy for all of our customers with small children or grandchildren.

Cleaning stains from carpet: Simply spray WD-40 on the stain (new or set in) and let sit for a few minutes. Then scrub and dry. Repeat as necessary!

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