Apps for the DIYer

20. 01. 23
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We love talking to all of our clients and learning about the different projects, fixes, and issues they are working on. We also love to embrace technology and all that it can offer to help with any of these DIY tasks. Here are a few of our favorite apps that could come in handy on your next home project.

iFixIt - This app is a DIYers dream. Gone are the days of lugging around owners and repair manuals. With iFixIt and their easy to navigate interface you can find the fix you are looking for in mere seconds and be well on your way to becoming king of your castle.

iHandy Carpenter - ($1.99) - This app uses your phones censors and turns your phone into some compact/handy tools. For example there is a level within the app to check for flat surface levels, a steel protractor, and an on-screen ruler.

TapPainter - ($2.99) - This app allows you to professionally match paint by simply taking a photo of the wall, furniture, etc of what you are trying to match. The app will even analyse the light, room layout and process the photo to give you an accurate preview of what your room would look like once it is painted in a different color.

Handy - This app is perfect for those jobs that are a bit beyond the DIYer in you. Handy is essentially Uber for handymen. Simply find the person/company you are interested in, look at reviews, and book.

Roomscan Pro - For creating floor plans just by touching your phone to each wall or by scanning the floor with your phone camera

Handyman Calculator - For all kinds of construction calculators and conversions.

Home Design 3D & Outdoor Garden - This app allows you to design and build your dream garden and outdoor entertaining area. With 3D viewability, you can get a more realistic image of your vision.

HandyMobi - With this app you can plan, organize and implement that home DIY project you have been wanting to do. Includes a shopping list so you can know what you need when shopping for materials.