How Do I Love WD-40… Let Me Count The Ways

20. 01. 17
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All of us have heard of WD-40 and most of us have used it in its perceived intended purpose of lubricating a squeaking or sticking hinge or mechanical part. But did you know that WD-40 can be used in dozens of helpful and practical ways? Join us as we dive into some of our favorite ways that us or our customers have used WD-40. (As a warning: WD-40 is highly flammable, is toxic if consumed, and can aggravate respiratory distress if not well ventilated).

Removing crayon from walls and wallpaper: This can come in super handy for all of our customers with small children or grandchildren.

Cleaning stains from carpet: Simply spray WD-40 on the stain (new or set in) and let sit for a few minutes. Then scrub and dry. Repeat as necessary!

Keeping tools from splintering/prolonging their life: Most tools with wooden handles eventually begin to splinter due to use and elements. By coating the handles in WD-40 it works to protect the wood from the corrosive elements and keep it splinter free.

Preventing snow buildup on your home windows: Before a predicted snow storm, spray your windows with WD-40 to keep snow from adhering to your window.

Keeping dead bugs off of front of car: By spraying the front of your cars grill it will help to prevent the build up and adhering to your vehicle.

Loosening a stuck lego: If you have ever used legos you know the frustration of not being able to pull apart 2 pieces. Simply spray pieces with WD-40 and easily separate the pieces.

Preventing your car lock from freezing: There's nothing worse than heading out to your car in the morning and the locks being frozen over preventing you from opening your car. By spraying your locks with WD-40 the night before a freeze, you can prevent water from making its way into the lock and freezing.

Cleaning the commode: WD-40 is an excellent lime stain remover, making it the ideal toilet bowl cleaner. Simply spray in the toilet, let sit, scrub, and rinse!

Weeding around the house: WD-40 is a great weed killer. Simply spray directly onto weed and it will shortly whither up and die, allowing you to pull the remainder of the weed easily.

Cleaning sports equipment: WD-40 is a wonderful accessory to have if you or your children participate in any sports. It helps to clean off equipment, help prevent rust, protects from elements. WD-40 is ideal for cleaning golf clubs as well!